Music in dim light (fantazy)
«Liz»… She heard her name called out…She heard a very familiar voice and winced. She knew that this gentle voice doesn’t live on this Planet. She thought that it lives, maybe, in the world which exists far on the Mountain-top. It seemed to her that the rain and the wind brought this voice from the mountains. Suddenly she felt an emptiness, loveliness, and helplessness. She felt that solitude waited for her in her house.
She walked slowly… She didn’t hurry… She didn’t want to return… But She knew that her house was near and She had no alternative. She would open the door in a minute.
It was cold. There was the rain. There was dim light from the street lamps. The rain came down in a steady drizzle. She didn’t have an alternative!
She turned to the house and walked with decisive steps. And the next moment She opened the door.                    Inside there was a deep silence and darkness. They waited for her to snatch and torment her… She hated them…And She loved them… Liz lit the fire, lit the candlex, prepared an aromatic coffee and sat close to the fire.
Liz waited. The darkness and the troublesome silence moved into the corners of tne room and were hidden there. It had gone still.
Liz waited. And somewhere away there was music. At first the sounds were not clear… She knew they would be louder in a minute. She stayed in the dim light close to the fire, inhaled the aroma of the coffee and listened to his music. He has written it  one year ago and at once has left this World. But his magical music is living. His magic music remained in her
heart and She listened to it in the dim light of her house!…

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