Magic symphony
Exhausted by computer work I stepped out onto balcony.
Night dark sky was above me. The countless stars were scattered through the dark silk velvet of the sky.Thousands of small stars far away are twinkling incessantly.
The lighed windows of countless small houses that are are ggrowing up the hills and clustered near the river as it seems me answered welcoming to twinkling sky stars.
A cool breeze was filling with a smell of wild orchids refreshed me and I felt relieved. I found myself recovered and anguish that was troubling me through long wakeful nights had left me suddenly and it seemed to me had thawed in warm night.
The exotic night was filled with sounds: rustle of leaves, whisper of herbs, splashes of fishes in the neighbouring river and chirr of grasshoppers. 
This magic symphony calmed me. I returned to the room and fell asleep an infantile dream!

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